Help Joey get potentially life-saving treatment

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After eight years of treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Joey has exhausted all curative options available to him in Australia.

His only remaining hope is to travel to the USA to take part in an early phase clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania, which will cost his family $800,000.

Please donate to Joey’s treatment fund so that he can take part in this world-leading and potentially life-saving clinical trial.

Taking part in an early phase clinical trial is the fastest way to access cutting-edge cancer treatment, but these latest medical innovations are out of reach to young people here in Australia, due to a lack of research funding.

If the funding was available, more clinical trials could be run in Australia meaning that young people like Joey wouldn’t have to travel overseas and face astronomical medical bills to get world-class care. That's why youth cancer charity CanTeen is calling on the Federal Government to set up a dedicated youth cancer research fund.